About Us - Philosophy

Bolton Point Child Care Centre Philosophy Our practice reflects early childhood learning theories including the works of Lev Vygotsky and the belief that educators and peer interactions are an essential part of the learning process. Scaffolding builds on existing knowledge and skills to enhance children's learning and independence. A diverse curriculum means that children will experience learning and independence.

At Bolton Point Child Care we believe in:

Partnerships : - Relationships between families, Educators and children create a sense of community within the centre. Family values, beliefs and involvement are encouraged and respected as these benefit our own understanding and support the family, educator, child relationship. Educators at the centre share skills and ideas and work together to as a team to ensure quality care for the children. Open communication is encouraged to create a sense of belonging.

Learning through play:- Children are capable and resourceful individuals and have a strong sense of identity. We encourage learning through active participation. Our program provides opportunity for supporting all children to learn and discover through creating, problem solving, asking questions and extending on learning whilst still being fun and interest based.

Children's voice:- We understand that the children's voice is a valuable learning tool for children and educators and we use this in our curriculum and documentation within the centre. Educator's use these as teachable moments as we develop the children's knowledge and understanding.

Environments and Sustainability- The centre provides a supportive learning environment that has flexible spaces that are responsive to the interests and abilities of the children. We encourage and promote a sustainable future where we are able to develop environmental awareness and education with the children, families and Educators, providing opportunity to understand their responsibilities to care for the environment.