Our Rooms - Treasures Room

The Treasures Room cares and educates 10 children 2-3 years of age.

During this age we understand that children begin to have a variety of new experiences that will foster their interest in learning. We endeavour to promote children's independence within the room and work with families to develop their self help skills which include toilet training and becoming familiar with their own belongings.

Children's interests are incorporated within the program with an emphasis on play based learning. This provides opportunities for the children to develop social skills and interactions with their peers along with problem solving, sharing and negotiating.

What to bring:

Bag for belongings

Spare clothes

Sheets for rest time

Drink bottle 

1 nappy if not toilet trained

Any comforters - Dummy, blanket, bottle or cuddle toy

*A hat and a bag for sheets will be provided to families on commencement at the centre. Hats are to stay at the centre to ensure that your child has a one that meets the requirements each day.